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2013 IWBA National Championships

2013 IWBA National Championships at Ballymena Bowling Club.


We are delighted to have Ann Malone, Ann Mulreid, Margaret McNevin & Noeleen Kelly Presenting the LBLI this week in the National Championships.

Wednesday 28th August 11:00am

The Crumlin Ladies are playing Jennifer McClure, Pauline McCormick, Angela Rodgers & Bridget Smith From NIWBA

After 4 ends the ladies are down  4-2

After seven ends down 6-3

Ninth end and they just got a four and are leading 9-6 Up

12 ends played and its all even at 10-10

14 ends played and its a very close match and our ladies are up 13-11

18 Ends and slipped a little 20-13 down, this game is over 21 ends so we have time to come back

Really exciting here, 19th end and Crumlin ladies get 3 still 20-16 down.

20th End and the caliper is out, lost one shot, need to get 5 in the last end….is it possible ?

Unfortunately no, on the last end lost two and the final score is 23-16. A great effort by our girls naturally they will be disappointed.