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Crumlin Bowling Club was not the original name of your club. In 1923, W.D & H.O. Wills opened a factory in Dublin located at Marrowbone Lane. Six years later in 1929 the manufacturing plant moved to a new location at South Circular Road – which used to be part of the John Player Tobacco Company before they merged with W.D. & H.O. Wills as part of The Imperial Tobacco Company.

As part of their policy to provide recreational facilities for their employees the Wills purchased a green area at Windmill Road in Crumlin consisting of twenty-two and a half acres and also a piece of ground at St. Mary’s Road which would be used to accommodate a lawn bowling green and club house.

The Imperial Tobacco Company Bowling Club was founded on the 26th July 1927. The Chairman was Mr A. Wilkinson, the Hon. Secretary was Mr A. Price and other members were G. W. Cooper and W. J. Flook. The rules of the club were framed on the 7th September of the same year.

Although some members did roll a bowl or two in Raleigh Square, it was on a temporary bowling green beside the tennis courts in the Sports field (now Willie Pearse Park), that Imperial first played bowls. The bowling green was located where the Swimming Pool now stands in Pearse Park.

On the 2nd November 1927, the club decided to join the Free State Bowling League Competitions and on the same date accepted the offer of a Silver Cup from G.W. Cooper. The club continued to flourish and on the 29th March 1928, membership reached fifty members.

On 26th February 1930 the committee accepted the offer of the Stokes Cup and on the 11th June 1930 decided it be given as a Junior Championship Trophy – the selection committee to decide who was Junior and who was Senior. In 1931, voluntary workers started to erect a new Pavilion, The present Green was opened in April 1933.

During the war years interest in the sporting facilities was lacking to the extent that in 1947. The Imperial Tobacco Company made a decision to sell the Park to Dublin Corporation. On the 1st September 1947, the Imperial Tobacco Company (of Great Britain and Ireland) in
Consideration of £9,751 transferred the property to the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor Aldermen and Burgesses of Dublin (the Corporation of Dublin) in fee simple.

The Transfer Order included a covenant that the Corporation would not use the said land or any part thereof for building purposes but keep same as an open space. However it also stated that if the Corporation wished to use the said land or any part thereof for building purposes they shall pay the Imperial Tobacco Company an additional £184.00 per acre. The additional monies have been paid and the said covenant has now been cancelled.

In 1947, the name of the club was changed to Crumlin Bowling Club