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Weekly Lotto Results

Each week (Friday Evening) we host our Lotto draw, the jackpot increases every week until won. You can join our Lotto, keep the same numbers every week, pay for multiple weeks in advance and be in with a chance to win !!! Just send us an email with your details.

In 2015 we had 11 winners throughout the year.

DateNo. 1No. 2No. 3Winner€15 Draw€15 Draw
31st July31118No WinnerMillie LoganLost Cause
24th July 41519No WinnerNellie DalyAnn Malone
17th July1914No WinnerPhil FitzsimmonsTeresa Ray
10th July1 1516No WinnerGrumpy Old MenMartin Laffin
3rd July21316No WinnerEileen KellyNeil Farrington
26th June
19th June121316No Winner John C LeePhyl Kiernan
12th June610201 Winner Jim Downey
5th June
29th May
22nd May
15th May
8th May81218No WinnerMarie StampJim Charles
1st May2620No WinnerJean O’TooleBernadette Hynes
24th April11719No WinnerJim DowneyJohn McDonnell
17th April
10th April27121 Winner Jean Jones
3rd April6 920No WinnerTony McEvoyTony McEvoy
27th March 712 1 Winner  Jean Jones 
20th March4 1518No WinnerJimmy DoyleDes Young
13th March6 1315No WinnerLarry O’TooleJohn Lee
6th March
28th Feb3811No WinnerCraig CostelloBrendan English
21st Feb10 3 Winners Nellie Daly, Marie O’Hare Daly Sisters 
14th Feb101217No WinnerJim DowneyJim Downey
7th Feb121315No WinnerJim DowneyJean O’Toole
31st Jan
24th Jan
17th Jan
10th Jan
3rd Jan 20163813No WinnerAmanda GalwayMarie O’Hare
27th Dec 811 18No WinnerGerry StapletonDennis Patrick
20th Dec111620No WinnerJean O’TooleDes Young
13th Dec91718No WinnerNoel MaherJim Downey
6th Dec2 12 19 1 Winner John McDonnell
29th Nov81018No WinnerPhil CurleyBridget Lee
22nd Nov 41415No WinnerJean O’TooleBridget Lee
15th Nov1213No WinnerRichard KellyEamonn Costello
8th Nov91920No WinnerJohn C LeeNellie Daly
1st Nov15 17 20 1 WinnerDes Young
25th Oct2 5 13 1 Winner Nellie Daly
18th Oct2315No WinnerVera CurleyPhyl Kiernan
11th Oct 61619No WinnerJimmy DoyleMick McGuire
4th Oct3511No WinnerBetty McEvoyPhyllis Paterson
27th Sept91215No WinnerJim DowneyLorcan Byrne
20th Sept21012No WinnerMarion LynchPhyl Kiernan
13th Sept69171 Winner Grumpy old Men x 4
6th Sept51620No WinnerConor TurnerJW Davidson – Belmont
30th Aug31718No WinnerAnne MulreidJohn C Lee
23rd Aug41619No Winner Ciara LockhartBridget Lee
16th Aug6912No WinnerWally CostelloAisling McNevin
9th Aug111516No WinnerNellie DalyMick McGuire
2nd Aug10 12 20 1 Winner  Ciara Dardis c/o Frank Woods 
26th July368No WinnerJim DowneyConor Turner
19th July31316No WinnerJohn RattiganMaura Costello
12th July19 1 Winner Jim Downey 
5th July246No Winner Noel HynesDes Young
28th June11018No WinnerJohn RattiganDes Young
21st June10 16 18 1 WinnerJim Downey
14th June1311No WinnerPaula RussellPaula Russell
7th June4511No WinnerEamonn CostelloAisling McNevin
31st May131720No WinnerDavid WilliamsWally Costello
24th May21920No WinnerAlison CostelloJohn Rattigan
17th May21018No WinnerJean O’TooleNora, Jen & Bren Daly
10th May6919No WinnerJean O’ToolePhyl Kiernan
3rd May91012No WinnerJohn C LeeBernadette Hynes
26th April11018No WinnerJohn C LeeJim Downey
19th April6720No WinnerPhyl KiernanJim Downey
12th April11819No WinnerTom HughesBernadette Hynes
5th April21720No WinnerJohn C LeeJim Downey
29th Mar11 12 1 Winner Jean O’Toole 
22nd MarNo WinnerJim DowneyBrendan Galway
15th Mar91820No WinnerJim DowneyDes Young
8th Mar21116No WinnerJean O’TooleNellie Daly
1st Mar21415No WinnerJean O’TooleBrendan English
22nd Feb8915No WinnerBrenda DalyBrendan Galway
15th Feb11720No WinnerJoan DoyleJohn McDonnell
8th Feb1 Winner Mick McDonagh 
1st Feb51214No WinnerJRDavid Hayes
25th Jan89202 WinnersNoel HynesJohn McQuirke
18th Jan358No WinnerNellie Daly Over 60’s
11th Jan 5820No WinnerLarry O’TooleBernadette Hynes
4th Jan 2015146No WinnerPhyl KiernanNora, Jen & Bren Daly
28th Dec818 20No WinnerOrlagh RussellBridget Lee
21st Dec25171 WinnerAisling McNevin
14th Dec2411No WinnerDamian ThorpBridget Lee
7th Dec11619No WinnerAnn MaloneGerry Stapleton
30th Nov11319No WinnerClaire YoungNoeleen Hynes
23rd Nov71518No WinnerSylvia GalwayJim Downey
16th Nov3510No WinnerAmanda GalwayJim Downey
9th Nov2315No WinnerMaura GeraghtyDamian Thoup
2nd Nov58121 WinnerMick McGuire
26th Oct1611No WinnerJohn PattersonTony McEvoy
19th Oct31218No WinnerRenee CowmanEamonn Costello
12th Oct5712No WinnerChris LeeBridget Lee
5th Oct7916No WinnerGrumpy Old MenLiz Maher
28th Sept15 1 Winner Liam McGurrell 
21st Sept71117No WinnerPhil CurleyNoel Hynes
14th Sept11216No WinnerMarie O’HareTony McEvoy
7th Sept 1 716No WinnerJim DowneyAlice Stamp
31st Aug12 91 WinnerPatricia Costello
24th Aug 8 11 16No WinnerTeresa BrennanTony McEvoy
17th Aug51617No WinnerJim DowneyAnn Malone
10th Aug 11 13 15No WinnerJim DowneyDee Toner
3rd Aug5 6 182 WinnersJim DowneyWillie Cullen
27th July 6 9 20No WinnerJim DowneyJim Downey